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PVC, CPVC and PPH industrial ball valves each have unique advantages and are suitable for different industrial needs.

PVC Valves are widely used in chemical, water treatment, agricultural irrigation and other industries due to their excellent chemical resistance and economy, and are suitable for normal and medium temperature media (up to about 50°C).
CPVC Valves have excellent performance in high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance. The applicable temperature can reach up to 90°C. They are ideal for transporting high-temperature corrosive media and are widely used in high-temperature chemical and hot water systems.
PPH Valves, with their excellent high temperature resistance (up to about 70°C) and corrosion resistance, are especially suitable for handling high temperature and highly corrosive media, such as the chemical and electroplating industries.

Not only are these valves high-strength, easy to install and maintain, but they also meet pressure testing safety standards. By choosing our valve products, customers can not only obtain stable and reliable performance in harsh environments, but also reduce maintenance costs and improve system efficiency, thereby achieving higher economic benefits.